Learning log post

I was just rethinking my digital footprint after creating this blog and I wondered if publishing this would create a new ‘footprint’.  I searched for myself on yahoo and nothing came up.  I then googled myself and this blog still didn’t appear.  I was certain that it would appear first because my name is my blog name.  The only things that appeared were from ratemyteacher.com which I was already aware of.  So then I tried capitalizing my name since usually I don’t capitalize while typing quickly.  Perhaps now I could find myself?  No such luck.  What I found instead was a direct reference to me being a vendor at my town’s festival Pippenfest 2011.  Hmm…. interesting.  I will need to work on this positive digital footprint.  Perhaps Richardson was correct in that no footprint can be negative.  Funny considering the lengths I have gone to in the past to keep my digital footprint non-existent.

*Must rethink my footprint!*


3 thoughts on “Learning log post

  1. annegageby says:

    Okay I’m a little slow because I just realized from the module 1 requirements that our blog is to be titled SLM 508 + initials. So I guess it doesn’t really matter that I had named it my actual name because I had to go back and change it anyway. 😦

  2. eoa002 says:

    You make a great point about your digital footprint, as each blog entry or post adds to your footprint as long as its on the web. That’s how easy it is to have change and create ones footprint. We just have to make steps with intent and that way we are aware of the consequences.

  3. slm508mkl says:

    I believe that there is a setting under privacy that allows your blog to be searched on the web. When I created my blog I didn’t want it to be searched, but if you are going to use this as a piece of your digital footprint, then should look into that. I also agree with both of you on how easy it is to create a digital footprint. I think that this could have both positive and negative consequences, especially for our students.

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