Library blog #2

The second library blog I reviewed is called “Children and Teen Book Picks”.

This blog was created by a Pre-K through 8th grade Librarian to review and recommend books for kids and teens.  The website is clean and colorful while being fairly straightforward.  On the right hand side of the site there are links to recommended books according to criteria such as grade levels, series books, popular books for boys or girls, and fiction/nonfiction.  I like how I can search quickly by clicking on a link entitled “mystery” or “third grade” and instantly books in this criteria are listed.  Each book has a short summary including about who the book might appeal to as well interesting tidbits about the books.  Tags are also present so one can search quickly with terms like “baseball”, “popular with girls”, “family”, etc.  There is also a comment section after each book in which others can post comments, questions, etc. however I really only found one book with comment (though i didn’t read every single book post).  It would be interesting to see how other people feel about books posted and reviewed on here.

I think this would be an excellent resource for a librarian or teacher who is looking for a specific book for a student.  We aren’t always able to read every single book that comes into our school libraries and this would be a good resource (beyond the opinions of School Library Journal, Kirkus, Booklist, etc. reviews.)  There are plenty of books available and reviewed here for a teacher or librarian to search.

I also really liked the idea of creating a blog in which books I’ve read are reviewed and posted/recommended.  I could see that being really great in a school.  I have a Shelfari account but I hardly ever use it anymore.  I like the idea of a blog a little better because I can make posts that are unrelated to books, such as if I am advertising for a book fair, upcoming library events, and so on.


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