Library blog #3

For my third library blog I chose one that represents a library as a classroom.  It is called LibraryChats, what’s happening at the chickering school library?

I chose this one specifically because my other two were a book review blog and an educational/technology discussion and review blog.  I wanted my third to be about the library as a classroom and what is going on within.

I really enjoyed this blog mostly because it has everything I would want in a library blog – updates on events and what the students are learning plus information on library hours for parents and teachers alike.  There are two tabs at the top of the page which direct the reader to either Kindergarten or Grades 1-5 sections in which parents, teachers, and students can find out when their specific class library times are as well as procedures for returning books during the school day.  A tab for the Destiny program is also available so if a student wants to, they can log on at home and check through books even if they aren’t in school.

My favorite posts are the first few that pop up on the blog.  They are my favorites because in the posts the librarian discusses AASL standards and Massachusetts Science Standards and how she and the classroom teacher had students researching growing pumpkins to meet these standards.  The students then planted pumpkin seeds in containers in the library.  Every week the students return to study and measure the plants.  This library has been able to incorporate collaboration, education, research, and fun into one very valuable lesson and it is posted online for parents to read about.  I think it is an incredible opportunity not only for students but for everyone to see what the kids are doing and how they are keeping with standards.

I think a blog like this would be extremely beneficial to the community so that parents can keep up with their kids’ educations and see what’s going at their kids’ schools.  I like how interactive and encouraging this librarian is.  I also think a blog like this could work very well if teachers posted comments, pictures, ideas, and more to it as well.


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