First classroom blog review

For the primary classroom blog I reviewed “Grades 1 and 2 at Anacaster Meadow School”.

I really liked this blog mostly because I enjoyed how the teacher used Livescribe and recorded her students’ reflection on the day’s math money lesson.  I have never heard of Livescribe before but now that I have, I think it is incredible for several reasons:

1.  You can actually hear the teacher in the classroom, teaching.  As a parent, I think that is amazing in and of itself!  How cool is it to be able to go online and get a real peek into what your child is learning and hear the class!

2.  The students get to see how technology is being used on a daily basis.

3.  Talking points for parents and students.  How many times has my son come home and I immediately ask “what did you do in school today?” and I hear “nothing” or “I can’t remember”.  But a parent can go online, find out what the kids are learning about and say “Hey I heard the podcast about your money lesson.  Let’s talk about how it is going.  Maybe we can practice making a dollar and change.”

There is a section at the end of her second post in which the teachers poses questions for viewers:

“For parents reading this blog post, what did your child enjoy the most about today? Why? For educators reading this blog post, how are your going to celebrate Halloween with your class? How do you mix both fun and learning too?”
I love how these questions make the blog interactive and show that the teacher is accessible.  As the article, “A Blogger’s Brain” mentions, “blogging can be a powerful promoter of creative, intuitive, and associational thinking” and this blog is no exception.  This teacher shows not only critical analysis of her own students’ work but also creativity in how that work is displayed and discussed.  She further demonstrates how her blog “combines the best of solitary reflection and social interaction” (A Blogger’s Brain).  With students, parents, and teachers encouraged to comment, discuss, and participate in the blog, the teacher is showing how a blog can really bring together a large and diverse group of people.
I think a blog like this would be an incredible asset to a classroom and school because it allows for a sense of community within the classroom and for those without.  Parents have the opportunity to be a part of their children’s education in a way that goes beyond simple notes back and forth from parent and teacher.

2 thoughts on “First classroom blog review

  1. slm508mmw says:

    Ay yay yay! This is a great idea! Asking for comments from parents, being proactive in telling parents what is going on in class help parents to participate and show their child that they care about their education. Anne, what you said really hit home for me because on my homework site for my school, I give a re-cap of the day and of where we are headed but I am definitely doing the back n forth thing and not doing as good a job as I could I guess.

  2. cookd1962 says:

    Yes. More and more are being accessible online. their parents can go online and see not only their grades, but their homework assignments and their projects. Parents finally have a great way to keep an eye on their children’s progress from anywhere rather than having to trust their kids and whatever they bring in their bookpack.

    In other words, the students have their digital footprint and they can’t hide from the parents!!! 🙂

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