Third classroom blog review

I had trouble finding a high school blog on when I searched in the search box.  Not sure why.  So I ended up Googling “High School Classroom Blogs” and luckily I found a great one, ironically from edublog!

It is called “THS Lit 10”.

This one is a 10th grade English Literature class blog and first and foremost, I loved the layout.  It is designed to look like a spiral bound notebook (very appropriate for the class!).  Along the side are books with star ratings that the teacher has read which I think is fantastic.  Students can go online and find books right on the class page.

About half way down the page there is a Quizlet post with a Lit 10 interactive flashcard with root words.  I think this is a rather cool feature since students can go online and practice their root words quickly.

While I enjoyed this blog very much, it doesn’t seem to be used and updated very often.  Several from last year were dated September, January, March, and April.  There are none posted for this year.  Perhaps this teacher is no longer teaching?  Maybe she found that the students didn’t use it very much?  Whatever the reason, I was a bit saddened to realize that this blog isn’t really in use because I think the look of it and it’s features were great.

I think a classroom blog like this is good for students if there are regular practice quizzes posted and updated unit discussions.  This way, kids who are absent or behind can go online and stay up to date with what is going on in the class.  I also loved the recommended book feature.  Teaching English Lit should come with recommended books that one has read (beyond the required reading for class).


One thought on “Third classroom blog review

  1. pamdbailey says:


    I think you and I look at some of the same things to determine the effectivesness of a blogs. One is the design–I like mine pretty simple, some of the layouts seem to distract from the information they are trying to present. Almost like they are trying to hard. Also, we see the importance of having the blog be interactive. I think that is so important. I think kids want to go to a blog where they can see themselves–either with pictues or posts. Also, I think they will go to a blog if it has some activity where they can interact, such as quiz. I think that you are on the right track when you are looking at some of the key elements of design. I guess I am learning from what I have seen too.

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