Mod 2 Learning Log – Flicker Slideshow

For this learning log post I created a slideshow about a kid named Nico’s family.  I could use this slideshow in a Spanish class for a creative writing assignment. They could create a short story about the people in the photos or choose a specific photo to begin describing a scene from that day in the photo – where the people went, who they were with, what was the day like, etc.

For a beginning Spanish class, I would have my students describe each of the people in the photos – their names, how old they are, what they are like (personality), how they are feeling in the photo what they are wearing, and so on. For this activity, they could complete both a written assignment as well as a partner activity in which they practice taking turns describing the people in the photographs.  Each partner could also take turns asking questions about the people in the photographs.

Content standard #1 – Communication  1. INTERPERSONAL: Students exchange information orally and in writing in the target language in a culturally appropriate manner to provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.

Standard taken from:

These activities meet Maryland Foreign Language content standard #1 in that they create an exchange of information between student-teacher and student-student.  The activities listed can be performed both in writing and orally entirely within the target language.  The activities also fall into Carroll County’s Foreign Language Department’s communicative focus which allows for students to exchange information as they own it.  In other words, the activities allow for a certain vocabulary freedom.  While we would engage in descriptive language and creative writing language, the ownership of said language is individual to each student.  Students will be able to express themselves with the vocabulary they are most comfortable and within a setting that allows for maximum flexibility based on their ability.



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