Mod 2 – learning log post – great article

I found this article through Hoover and I thought it had some great ideas for advocating the library.  I’m currently taking Library Administration as well as this technology course and I found this article to be very appropriate to what we’ve been discussing in Lib. Admin. although it is useful in general to school librarians, especially the recommendation that you do technology professional developments with teachers in the library and include the principal, supervisor, etc.  “Having their involvement results in them engaging the roles of the library more personally–thus building their understanding of what you are actually doing.”

In other words, this not only demonstrates your own knowledge and usefulness but also shows that you are approachable and want to bring something more to the school and are willing to work for it.

Anyway, I liked the ideas in here and thought I’d post it in case any of you super awesome people following my blog would like to check it out.


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