Learning Log – iGoogle

So as I was building my iGoogle page I realized that I would have to download Google Chrome because some issues popped up with Google Docs in my old browser Firefox.  So I downloaded Google Chrome and set to redoing my passwords because I’m lazy and enjoy websites which have the passwords already saved.

After figuring out all of that and getting back to iGoogle, I worked with my new page and placed several apps on it:  Google Docs, Hungry Turtles (which my 10 year old son had a blast playing with!), Youtube, CNN news, Google Reader, BeJeweled, Google Translate, and more.  I linked my Twitter and email.  I think this is a pretty cool home page and one that will make my life a bit easier.  Now, I can go on this one site and get updates on my Twitter, weather, news, Reader, and so on instead of opening up several tabs in one browser.

If I were teaching, I would enjoy this even more because I have Google Docs at the ready anytime I need it.  For creating and sharing non-confidential documents between faculty, it would be a valuable resource.  Also, since I have Google Reader set up on here as well, I can check out the latest in educational blogs I have subscribed to.  This will allow me to keep up with the latest topics and news in education.  Not to mention that I also have subscribed to places such as School Library Journal, VOYA, and Library Media Connection through Twitter so anytime I go onto my iGoogle page, I can get updates from these very important magazines.

I also set up my Gmail account so no need to log on through McDaniel – I linked both my school & my regular emails together.  Easy!!!

In setting up this page, I’m reminded of a ReadWriteWeb article I read recently by Richard MacManus in which he discusses Facebook’s Frictionless Sharing.  http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/frictionless_sharing_pros_cons.php.  Frictionless Sharing is an app that connects your Facebook to whatever website or activity you are working on, such as a music site.  Once activated, the music you are listening to will automatically update on your Facebook page.

iGoogle reminds me of this only backwards.  Instead of everything I do updating to my Facebook page, instead everything is updating to one specific place.  It simplifies my work and makes it more manageable, especially for this technology course.

Here’s a screenshot of my page iGoogle page:

Anne's page


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