Module 3 learning log – thoughts on cursive in this digital world

My son, who is 10, complained this morning because he doesn’t understand why we have to learn cursive.  He said that it looks like “meaningless spaghetti”.  Mentioning the print letters on his Facebook page, in books, and the Yahoo page in front of me during our conversation, he said it didn’t make sense to learn another script that we don’t ever use.  I agreed – it doesn’t make much sense because cursive is becoming pretty obsolete.  Unless we are signing official documents, when do we ever use cursive in our daily lives?  

Once upon a time our correspondences to family, friends, and so on were in cursive while our books and newspapers were in print.  But those days of writing hand-written letters are mostly gone.  Can anyone argue otherwise?  The majority of our correspondences and communication are electronic in nature – text, email, social media like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ and Myspace.  Unless one specifically chooses a cursive font for email (such as Blackadder or Edwardian Script) the default fonts will usually be Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Courier New – all print. 

It seems strange that in just my lifetime cursive has become almost obsolete.  Yet with the rise of email and now social media, it seems natural that cursive would be killed off.  It makes me wonder if, in my son’s lifetime, cursive will be extinct entirely.  With the future of digital technology will we even need hand-written signatures?  Passwords, codes, and maybe one day bio-technology will make it seem tedious and unnecessary to actually use your hand to sign a document. 

Any thoughts from this blogs followers???


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