Module 3 learning log post – a small rant

I’ve only been on Twitter few a short while but I have already had THREE porn sites follow me.  At first they look normal, nice profile pic, a few average (innocent) tweets, but then I click on the profile and BAM there’s a link to ‘gangbang581’ and ‘naturallove324′.  Make me freakin’ vomit.  Anyway, after blocking these super special followers, I have had to sit back and really think about this.  I do not, do not, DO NOT want anybody from my professional world to check to see who is following me and find that I am followed by porn sites.  Now granted, I am not following them but still.  This makes me really uncomfortable.  And more than a little angry.  I don’t want my digital footprint to be muddy tracks.  Even if they are not entirely within the scope of my control.  😦


3 thoughts on “Module 3 learning log post – a small rant

  1. Michelle W says:

    Agreed Anne! It’s almost like They should create a feature where u can accept followers and not just have them instantly pop up. I’ve had 1 too!

  2. mgaudino says:

    You can set your profile to only allow followers who request to follow you. WHile that limits the audience who will share your expertise, it will eliminate unwanted followers. Also, in your account settings, check the setting to always usea secure servers. This will stop those spam-type followers. YOu may also want to take the word “addict” out of your profile. Just one term that might be attracting those nasty followers!

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