Module 4 learning log post

As I was sitting here thinking of what I would post in my final learning log, I was also scouring my educational blogs looking for some inspiration (hey, it’s been a rough week).  I found this article:

The article is called “Create Media Sandboxes for your Family and Classroom”.  This article really jumped out at me because it discusses how, if we are to encourage digital literacy in our homes and classrooms, we must create ‘sandboxes’ for our kids and students to play around with technology – learn, play, promote, and grow.  I hadn’t heard the term sandbox being used to describe such a place in the digital sense but it seemed so appropriate when I thought about it.  The poster, a father and Sunday school teacher, says “If we don’t play with media, we’re not going to get comfortable communicating with it and we’re certainly not going to master its use for learning inside and outside the classroom”.  

To “play with media” he refers to creating Youtube, Vimeo, and Google accounts to build channels for his students and kids to create and post videos.  He encourages using iApps of various sorts (which I’m not really familiar with since I don’t have an iPad) to let kids “mess around in the digital sphere” and learn about the various types of digital media that is out there.  

I also was reminded of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy from this past module.  Bloom’s Digital talks about taking the baby steps in digital literacy through social bookmarking, searching/googling and moving up toward blog journaling, followed by uploading, sharing, editing and more.  This article discusses using different apps to encourage kids’ interest and keep them moving forward in their pursuit of technology.  

This was a refreshing article that I thought really brought a real-world approach to encouraging digital learning.  


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